Malyovitsa NE ridge – 18th of December

Malyovitsa Hut in Rila Mountains

Malyovitsa Hut, located at 1960 m. in the northwestern parts of Rila Mountains

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The Way Our Behaviour in the Mountains Leads to Accidents – Funny Video

This video is a result of an initiative of different Italian organizations, that aims prevention of accidents in the mountains. Source:

Sofia, Bulgaria – As We Travel Europe Video

Take a video walk around Sofia:

Snowshoeing – Why Not Try It?

Snowshoeing in Bulgaria

It is rapidly turning into the season of winter sports together with skiing, snowboarding, sledding and… snowshoeing. Why not, snowshoeing! And even as each and every of the outdoor sports mentioned offer hours of enjoyable time in the nature, snowshoeing supplies an unbelievable method to delight in the wonderful open spaces world, crisp air, and the peace and quiet only a woodland in iciness white can offer. Plus this can be a great solution to get excellent exercise while snowshoeing in Bulgaria.
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How to Survive a Bear Attack

A funny video – How to Survive a Bear Attack. Some mountain areas, especially in Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, experience problems with the bears. They bother the domestic animals, and sometimes even people. Although the bears are generally shy and avoid people, if their population in a certain area is too big, they start to get closer to the peoples homes, searching for food. An interesting website about the bears in Bulgaria and the way people may leave together with them:

Here is the video:

Nice Bulgarian Folk Song Video

Bulgarian folk song, called “Malka moma” – performed by Neli Andreeva

Vihren Peak in Pirin Mountains

Mount Vihren in Pirin Mountains

Vihren is the highest peak of Pirin Mountains. With its 2914 meters, it is second highest in Bulgaria after mount Musala in Rila Mountains and third in the Balkan Peninsula after Mitikas in Olymp Mountains (Greece). Located in the northern part of Pirin main ridge between Mount Kutelo (northwest) and Hvoynati Peak (southeast). Vihren is separated by these two peaks by a saddles – Premkata Saddle (2610 m) to the north and Kabata Saddle (2535 m) to the south. The rocks of Vihren are marbles, which do not retain water and the whole area at the top is poor of rivers and lakes. The nearest lakes are Vlahini Lakes at southwest direction. Vegetation on the slopes of Vihren is poor – grass and lichens, while the fauna is richer – there are birds, small rodents, but mostly wild goats that inhabit the area at the foot of the top. Edelweiss flower is found in abundance on the rocky edge Dzhamdzhievi rocks.

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